FWBEIDE525QA-R1 is a FireWire800 (1394b) to ATA devices bay with RAID 1 controller.

FWBEIDE525QA-R1 is a reliable and cost effective solution for RAID 1 disk mirroring.
By mirroring technique, FWBEIDE525QA-R1 maintains data in two disk drivers simultaneously and securely.
If one drive fails, FWBEIDE525QA-R1 automatically switches operations to the functional drive and alarms to alert the failure.
FWBEIDE525QA-R1 takes full advantage of high-speed Ultra DMA 133 ATA Bus allowing for multitasking performance.

FWBEIDE525QA-R1 has FireWire (1394a and 1394b) serial bus for connection to computer in a plug-and-play fashion.

FWBEIDE525QA-R1 allows users to easily hot-swap HDD without interrupting the current operation.
FWBEIDE525QA-R1 provides the perfect solution for data backup and transferring of data between computers using ATA/SATA HDDs.

Technical Specifications

FWEIDE525Q-R1 combines three key components:
1). FireWire800 (1394b) to IDE (ATA/ATAPI) Bridge Board
2). IDE -RAID- IDE Subsystem
3). ATA Mobile Rack
4). Case and Power supply

1). FireWire800 (1394b) to IDE (ATA/ATAPI) Bridge Board:

  • IDE Interface: Male IDC 2X20 Connector
  • FireWire Ports: Two Biligual and One FireWire
  • 1394 Bus Transfer Rate: 100/200/400/800 Mbps
  • HDD Access LED
  • Complies with T13's ATA/ATAPI-7 Draft Specification:
    • DMA Mode 0 ~ 2
    • Ultra DMA Mode 2, 4, 5, 6
    • Supports 48-bit addressing for large hard drives (>128GB).

2). IDE-RAID-IDE Subsystem:

  • Support RAID level 1 (Disk Mirror)
  • Provide two IDE Connector for two 3.5" ATA HDD
  • Auto-Rebuild
  • Support up to UDMA 133/100/66/33
  • OS Independence, require no device driver
  • Hot-Swap Supported
  • Provides One RS-232 Port for RAID Management

3). ATA Mobile Rack:

  • The inner HDD tray provide the screw hole for 3.5" ATA HDD.
  • The inner HDD tray and mounting frame were made by aluminum which is good for heat dissipation.
  • Ejecting pull handle with miniature keylock.
  • Keylock + Power Switch make the HDD Mobile Tray Hot Swaptable
  • One Built-in 40x40 mm cooling fan.
  • Power indicator LED and HDD Access LED
  • Provide two kinds of HDD Mobile Tray:
    • 3.5" ATA HDD Mobile Tray (default)
    • 3.5" Serial ATA HDD Mobile Tray

4). Case and Power supply:

  • Provide one RCA Jack
  • Provide one 5.25" device bay
  • Built-in 200W switching power supply/ Manual-switch input (115 or 230V AC)
  • Built-in 80x80 mm cooling fan

Kit includes
  • FWBEIDE525QA-R1 enclosure
  • AC Power Core (1.8m length)
  • Beta 9pin -to- Beta 9pin 1394b cable (1.5m length)
  • D-sub 9pin female to D-sub 9pin female RS-232 cable in 1.0m length
  • EagleEye RAID Manager
  • Installation guide