UFS936QS01 is an universal interface (USB2.0/FireWire/eSATA) to quad-SATA bridge device with integrated hardware RAID controller, which supports a range of RAID levels and storage applications targeted at users requiring maximum performance, reliability and ease of use.

UFS936QS01 is designed to connect up to four SATA drives with embedded AES encryption to USB 2.0/ FireWire 800 (1394b)/ eSATA Host.

UFS936QS01 delivers the performance required for servers and I/O demanding applications such as Video-On-Demand, database servers, workstations, high-end desktops, and image systems.

UFS936QS01 allows one HDD failure without impact on the existing data and failed drive rebuild is transparent to the host.

  • eSATA, FireWire (IEEE 1394a), FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b) , USB 2.0 ComBo interface
  • Support up to 4 SATA or SATA II drives
  • Greater than 2TB
  • Fast, reliable advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption/decryption facilities
  • Support RAID level 0, 1, 10, 3, 5 and Spanning
  • Support Hot-Standby support (for 3 disk RAID3 and RAID 5)
  • Online rebuild
  • SMART monitoring
  • Enclosure Management (Temperature Management and Fan Control)
  • OS Independence, require no device driver

Technical Specifications
Max. HDD Bay / Type: 4 x 3.5" SATA HDD
Max. Storage Capacity: Greater than 2TB
Device Interface: SATA II
Disk Bus: SATA II compatible- 3.0Gbpd(300MB/Sec)
Host Interface:
  • FireWire (IEEE 1394a)
  • FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b)
  • USB 2.0
  • eSATA
1394 Feature: The embedded 1394 PHY and link layer supports both FireWire800 and FireWire400 and complies with the 1394-1995 and 1394-2000 specifications.
1394 Bus Transfer Rate:

IEEE 1394a: 100/200/400 Mbps
IEEE 1394b: 100/200/400/800 Mbps

USB Feature: The embedded USB2.0 PHY supports both full and high speed, using bulk-only transport Mass Storage Class device protocol. Fast read and write transfers ensure that the maximum possible host performance is maintained.
USB Bus Transfer Rate: High Speed (480 Mbit) And Full Speed (12 Mbit)
eSATA Feature: The embedded 3GHz SATA host interfaces supports the latest revisions of the SATA II specifications. In addition the eSATA device port also supports the Gen2m interface. Interface speeds of 3GHz and 1.5GHz deliver maximum performance with minimum latency for external SATA storage.
eSATA Bus Transfer Rate: SATAII compatible- 3.0Gbpd(300MB/Sec)
RAID Level & Function:

Integrated hardware RAID controller supporting:
RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5 and Spanning

  • Disk striping with distributed parity (RAID 5)
  • Disk striping with dedicated parity (RAID 3)
  • Disk striping (RAID 0) for maximum performance
  • Disk striping with mirroring (RAID 10)
  • Disk spanning for large capacity single volume
  • Support Hot-Standby support (for 3 disk RAID3 and RAID 5)
RAID Configurator:

The Oxford configurator runs on the following systems:

Windows System

  • Windows 98 SE/ME
  • Windows 2000 with Update Rollup patch applied
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista

Macintosh systems

  • Mac OS 10.3 (Power PC)
  • Mac OS 10.4 (Intel), Mac OS 10.4 (Power PC)

Security, Authentication and Encryption:

  • Supports AES ECB mode
  • Data is stored encrypted on the disk when the system is authenticated, & cannot be accessed from the host without authentication
  • 128-bit encryption key
  • Data is encrypted in real time using a hardware engine
  • Supports secure password & biometric authentication
  • Supports software generation & use of the key
  • 2 software-driven authentication LEDs
  • RAID Mode and Status
  • Error Statistics
  • SMART Status
  • Enclosure Status(Fan speed and temperature)
  • Disk temperature
Operating System Requirements:
  • No additional 1394 host drivers are required, for either Windows or Mac operating systems for standard storage applications.
  • No additional USB host drivers are required, for either Windows or Mac operating systems, for standard storage applications.
Power: Built-in 220W switching power supply/ Manual-switch input (115 or 230V AC)
Physical Dimensions
  • 200 mm (W) x 292 mm (D) x 186 mm (H)
Kit includes
  • UFS936QS01 SubSystem
  • CB-00055: FireWire 6 pin to 6 pin Cable in length of 1.5m
  • CB-00362: FireWire Beta to Beta Cable in length of 2m
  • CB-00136: USB 2.0 A to B type Cable in length of 1.5m
  • CB-00307: e-SATA 7pin to e-SATA 7pin Cable in length of 1.5m
  • AC Power Core
  • CD-title
  • User's Guide