• Host Bus: 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express
  • Number of Ports: One External & Three Internal SATA ports + One Internal PATA ports
  • Form Factor: Standard Type
  • Boot ROM: Yes

SATA2-PCIE1x12 is a multiple port Serial ATA (SATA)/Parallel ATA (PATA) to PCI Express (PCIE) Host Adapter. SATA2-PCIE1x11 takes advantages of the 2.5 Gb/s burst rate of 1-lane PCI Express bus and the Serial ATA Generation 2 transfer rate of 3.0 Gb/s (300 MB/s) interface. This solution provides full PCI Express and Serial ATA (SATA)/Parallel ATA (PATA) functionality and performance. SATA2-PCIE1x12 delivers the performance and connectivity required for servers and I/O demanding applications such as CD-ROM servers, Video-On-Demand, database servers, workstations, high-end desktops, software RAID sub systems, and image systems.

SATA2-PCIE1X12 supports a high reliable and extremely fast variety of storage applications (RAID 0, 1, 10, 5 and JBOD).

    Technical Specifications
    • PCI Express 1.0a compliant - Supports 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express interface
    • PCI Express Programming interface
      • Compatibility mode via PCI I/O access for legacy host software
      • Enhanced Mode for SATA ports via Enhanced Mode Registers.
      • Enhanced Mode for PATA port via Enhanced Mode Registers.
    • Supports up to 2Mbit external Flash for option ROM or Boot ROM
    • Supports SPI Flash Interface for retrieving boot code and vendor specific PCI Configuration content.
    • Supports TWSI EEPROM interface for retrieving vendor specific PCI Configuration content.
    • Serial ATA (SATA) specification 2.5 compliant.
      • Supports SATA PHY 3.0 Gb/s with speed negotiation to SATA 1.5Gb/s.
      • Supports electrical specifications of Gen1i, Gen1m, Gen1x, Gen2i, Gen2m, Gen2x, and usage models of eSATA and xSATA
      • Supports four independent Serial ATA ports
    • Serial ATA (SATA) protocols over SATA ports.
      • ATA and ATAPI commands
      • Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
      • Hot Plug
      • Port Multiplier
      • Supports SATA Port Selector Switching
    • Parallel ATA (PATA) protocols over PATA port.
      • Supports one Parallel ATA port
      • ATA and ATAPI commands
      • All modes of PIO, Multiword DMA, and Ultra-DMA (up to 150MB/s)
      • Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ) with 32 outstanding commands per port
      • Master and Slave configuration (over PATA port)
    • Supports interrupt Coalescing over SATA and PATA ports in Enhanced Mode.
    • Supports SMBus for communication with Hardware Monitoring ICs.

    Computer Platfrom
    • PC with 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express slot
    Operating System Requirements
    • Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Vista/7
    • Drivers for Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Vista/7
    • Drivers for Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Vista 64-bit
    • RoHS Test : Pass