• Active (with Gen 2 Redriver) PCIe x8 Gen2 Cable Adapter
  • Low Profile PCI Form Factor
  • 8-Lane External PCIe Cable Connector (0.8mm pitch 68pin iPass™)
  • Up to 40Gbps 8-Lane PCIe® 2.0 Serial ReDriverTM
  • I2C Configuration Controls (3.3V tolerant)
  • Adjustable Receiver Equalization and Transmitter De-emphasis and Output Levels

EPCIE8XRDCA02-G2 is External PCI Express x8 (with Gen 2 Redriver) Cable Adapter Card, it requires no additional software or drivers to operate.

Designed to overcome the limited PCIe connectivity of most desktop computers, the EPCIE8XRDCA02-G2 can be quickly and easily set up for external expansion.

It provides programmable equalization, amplification, and de-emphasis by using 8 select bits, to optimize performance over a variety of physical mediums by reducing Inter-symbol interface. The integrated equalization circuitry provides flexibility with signal integrity of the PCI Express signal before the Redriver, whereas the integrated de-emphasis circuitry provides flexibility with signal integrity of the PCI Express signal after the Redriver.

Technical Specifications
Number of Lane PCIe 8-Lane

External PCIe Connector

68pin iPass™(0.8mm pitch) compatible I/O Connector

Computer Platform Requirements Desktop computer equipped with a PCIe 1.0/2.0/3.0 x8, x16 slot
Pin Assignment
  • ePCIe 68pin iPass™(0.8mm pitch) compatible I/O Connector

    Pin# Signal Pin# Signal
    A1 GND B1 GND
    A2 PETp0 B2 PERp0
    A3 PETn0 B3 PERn0
    A4 GND B4 GND
    A5 PETp1 B5 PERp1
    A6 PETn1 B6 PERn1
    A7 GND B7 GND
    A8 PETp2 B8 PERp2
    A9 PETn2 B9 PERn2
    A10 GND B10 GND
    A11 PETp3 B11 PERp3
    A12 PETn3 B12 PERn3
    A13 GND B13 GND
    A14 CREFCLK+ B14 NC
    A15 CREFCLK- B15 NC
    A16 GND B16 NC
    A17 NC B17 NC
    A18 NC B18 NC
    A19 SB_RNT B19 NC
    A20 CPRSNT# B20 CWAKE#
    A22 GND B22 GND
    A23 PETp4 B23 PERp4
    A24 PETn4 B24 PERn4
    A25 GND B25 GND
    A26 PETp5 B26 PERp5
    A27 PETn5 B27 PERn5
    A28 GND B28 GND
    A29 PETp6 B29 PERp6
    A30 PETn6 B30 PERn6
    A31 GND B31 GND
    A32 PETp7 B32 PERp7
    A33 PETn7 B33 PERn7
    A34 GND B34 GND
External PCIe x8 Cable
Model No. Length
CB-00610 0.5m (74546-0813)
CB-00610-01 1m (74546-0801)
CB-00610-02 2m (74546-0802)
CB-00610-03 3m (74546-0803)
CB-00610-04 4m (74546-0804)
CB-00610-05 5m (74546-0805)
CB-00610-06 6m (74546-0806)
CB-00610-07 7m (74546-0807)