FWBR3 is a standard IEEE1394b repeater, extending your signal an additional 4.5 metersand adding one more FireWire (IEEE 1394) port.
It's easy to setup and there is no configuration necessary, like all IEEE1394 compliant hardware.

FWBR3 is designed to have SCSI 1 Low Density 50pin Centronics Connector form factor.
It's idea for multi-bay SCSI case.

Two brackets for FWBR3:

  • Bracket 1: Two External (Bilingual 9pin).
    • With Bracket 1 FWBR3 will have two External (Bilingual 9pin) and one internal (Bilingual 9pin).
  • Bracket 2: One External (Bilingual 9pin)
    • With Bracket 2 FWBR3 will have one External (Bilingual 9pin) and two internal (Bilingual 9pin).
Technical Specifications
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE P1394b Revision 1.33+ at 1-Gigabit Signaling Rates
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394a.2000 and 1394.1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus
  • Fully Interoperable With Firewire., i.LINK., and SB1394., Implementation of IEEE Std 1394
  • Chip: PHY: TI. TSB81BA3
  • 1394 Bus Transfer Rate: 100 / 200 / 400 /800 Mbps
  • Device Interface: Provides Three Fully Backward Compatible, (1394a.2000 Fully Compliant) Bilingual P1394b Cable Ports at up to 800 Megabits per Second (Mbits/s)
  • Power Input Range: DC 8V~33V, max. 1.35A
  • Connector: Bilingual Cable Ports x 3:
  • DC Power Connector: mini 4-pin Floppy Disk Drive like power connector
  • Form Factor: SCSI 1 Low Density 50pin Centronics Connector

  • Cable Extension
  • One more port